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I am dinahvagina, a maker. My work is about my life as a woman. The sheer bliss and joy I have always felt is tempered with anger prompted by everyday sexism, objectification, pornography and by grief with the persistent violence toward women. I want to create a discourse about demonstrably possessing my sexuality. Women are not passive creatures to be used, to merely service and satisfy the needs of others, women are independent beings with desires and needs of their own, sex should be an act of equality. I wish to be an advocate for female sexual agency because women are sexy even when no one is looking.


Currently I am working on a series of pieces that explore cracks and holes, to celebrate the joy of my cunt, the main source of bliss in my life. My work is often monochrome, challenging but understated, quiet; the simple curves and varied textures invite exploring fingers. Working primarily in clay, I make installation wall pieces and small vessels that fit fat and round in the palm.


Artistic influences are many and varied, they lead me to engender change, to give women a voice, to open up the possibility of discourse, change and acceptance; so that people are allowed to be as they are and not divided by race, creed, gender or sexuality but simply human.


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