So here I am, standing on the brink of a new career and the view from here is misty, vague. My Grad Show looms ever nearer and with it the end of my college days. The future will see me stepping out of college and into the art world and the everyday, the limitless and the mundane. I can see my show, my graduation, the New Designers exhibition in June but everything else is indistinct, I stand on the edge of what?

I am so hopeful, so fearful, excited and nervous. My focus cannot stay on the future for long, there is so much to be done now, paper work for college submissions, ceramics for the show, all manner of marketing materials to design and make… from chocolate nipples to a clitoris shaped cookie cutter, postcards and business cards… and then there’s the big plastic tunnel that needs lining with fur fabric… busy times, frenetic days that start at 4am but every now and then I look up, gaze at the horizon and wonder at what the future will bring.


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