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  1. Cathy Turbinskyj

    Oh brilliant dear Dinahvagina, what a celebration your work is, of our wonderful cunt power! Loved the video of your installation, (grandmother’s fur, wow, how matrilineal is that?) and of you in the process of throwing, dipping, and making- such a delicious sensuous, deeply sexy process, I’ve always thought. Love the cunt pots! And all very well made to a high standard – are the white wall pieces porcelain? Beautiful hairy cunt mugs, ha, ‘get over it, we have hair’…. And love your Cunt statement, yes, yes, yes, let’s reclaim the word – knowledge indeed! I read somewhere that cunt is possibly/probably the origin of name of the River Kennet, which rises and flows through the Goddess landscape of Avebury (much beloved by me). Do you recall the women’s circus troupe of the 80’s called Cunning Stunts?!
    Lovely to meet you again today, and many thanks for the Artists’ Parking sign, easel and drawing pad (forgot to pick up the china, darn), much appreciated. Keep up the good work, I shall tell my friends, many thanks, Cathy xx

    1. admin

      Hi Cathy, Thanks for your message … really nice to be greeted by such enthusiasm when I logged on! So glad you enjoy the work … the wall pots are White St Thomas which is a stoneware but with a Tin Oxide glaze. I am delighted that the parking sign, easel and stuff (don’t worry about the china.. its waiting for you!) have gone to a good home! And I do indeed recall the Cunning Stunts… I must confess I thought they were a band not a circus troupe …. my memory is slipping!

      I believe that the Kennet was a word with cunty origins … along with kith and kin and kind …

      Hope to see you again soon… I think I’m back for a week from 7th Oct for a week. Love and hugs, Dinah


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