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This delightful little book offers 32 pages of colour photographs of vulvas in all their glorious variety, challenging the stereotypes offered by society. Human beings with a heart and soul will enjoy this book.

Joani Blank.

£11 + £2 P&P


vagina n wolfThis amazing book taught me so much, insightful and informative, Wolfs’ personal and evocative style leads you through her story of personal discovery, explaining clearly about our sexual physiology in a social context.

Naomi Wolf

£7.50 + £2 P&P

a declaration

A bold book by a bold writer; well researched and empowering. Discusses the etymology of the word Cunt, the social implications of its use and how to reclaim it from being the worst word to its original and positive place in our language.

Inga Muscio


£8 + £2 P&P



little red school book

This precious little book packs a punch. Aimed at the teenage reader, it was banned when originally published but is available now. It encourages an independent and responsible attitude based on sound knowledge of a range of issues that include social politics, sex and drugs and much more, its brilliant!

Soren Hansen & Jesper Jensen

£4.00 + £2 P&P



tee corinneTee Corinne’s Cunt Coloring Book is coming back in print! Originally published in 1973 to encourage women to know more about them selves. Still important today where increasing availability of porn has lead to a distorted view of what a vulva should look like. Love your cunt, its lovely just as it is.

Tee Corinne

£ 10 + £2 p&p




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